Adam & Chrisia — Like puzzle pieces, we fit together perfectly

Chrisia Wedding Gift

There were two impor­tant ele­ments we knew we wanted to focus on going into Adam and Chrisia’s big day: the fact that they have been together for nine years (!) since the day Adam worked up the nerves to ask her to their senior prom, and the fact that they love to play board games together. When they invited us over for a cof­fee at their home, we dis­cov­ered yet another ele­ment we wanted to cap­ture. Look­ing around at all the lovely paint­ings in their house, Adam and Chrisia not only told us that Chrisia’s dad, Roberto, was a painter, but that he was work­ing on a piece for their wed­ding day.

If we could work all these dif­fer­ent ideas into the final pro­duct, we knew we would be able to make the per­fect wed­ding film for Adam and Chrisia. The board games was the first piece of the puz­zle to come together. We sug­gested to them that after shar­ing their first look, they play a round of one of their many board games. They liked the idea and picked Scrab­ble (dou­ble win :D). As for the prom and paint­ings aspects of the film, we planned and planned on dif­fer­ent shots that would help tell these sto­ries and went into their day with an inkling that some­one would bring either topic up and we’d be able to cap­ture the con­ver­sa­tion.

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If you had told us we would have the oppor­tu­nity to com­bine these sto­ry­li­nes visu­ally and emo­tion­ally as we did in their wed­ding film, we wouldn’t have believed you. But when Chrisia’s par­ents took to the podium for their speech, Roberto not only told the story of Adam and Chrisia’s first date on their prom night, but he told it through the per­spec­tive of a father, send­ing his daugh­ter off on her first date, and now giv­ing her away on her wed­ding day. It was beau­ti­ful, emo­tional, and also the per­fect way to play up on the impor­tance of the paint­ing Roberto had made for Adam and Chrisia.

As always, we have prob­a­bly got­ten too excited and talked up a storm. Watch their wed­ding film below and let us know your thoughts!

  • KJ & Co.

    So sweet! Con­grats to the happy cou­ple.