Allie + Cody — 10+ years in the making.

As Allie men­tions in this film, in the NHL, the off-season is the only time you can real­ly count on for non-hockey-related endeav­ours. She was refer­ring to the one time of year that Cody could real­is­ti­cal­ly pro­pose, but it’s some­thing we’ve learned from NHL wed­dings: you meet the cou­ple in the off-season and you don’t see them again until the fol­low­ing off-season just a cou­ple of weeks before the wed­ding and amidst the player’s strict train­ing sched­ule.

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Allie and Cody first met at their sum­mer camp, Musko­ka Woods, when they were just kids. The camp itself is just a short boat ride away from their cot­tage, so from our first meet­ing, we always talked about revis­it­ing it with them and doing some of their favourite activ­i­ties on the water. As amaz­ing as this all sound­ed, find­ing a time to head up to Musko­ka proved almost impos­si­ble between Cody’s train­ing and the crazy weath­er lead­ing up to each shoot. After a cou­ple of can­cel­la­tions, we nailed a date just a week and a half before the wed­ding day and decid­ed we’d make it work regard­less.

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And it rained. A lot, but also not too much. It was actu­al­ly per­fect. We found our­selves boat­ing across, through and away from thun­der­storms in the most amaz­ing of lights. When Allie and Cody told us that every impor­tant wed­ding mile­stone, from their engage­ment to pho­to shoots, par­ties and rehearsals had been rained down on, we knew we had the per­fect nar­ra­tive for their sto­ry. And when a rain­bow formed LITERALLY IN FRONT OF ALL OF US on the lake, we knew we had the per­fect con­clu­sion to their film.

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The wed­ding day itself was all sorts of beau­ti­ful, styled to per­fec­tion by Lau­ra & Co., Rachel Clin­gen and Paper and Poste — all of whom turned Ever­green Brick­works in East Toron­to into an ele­gant enchant­ed for­est. This same-day edit con­clud­ed their din­ner. As wed­ding video­g­ra­phers, there’s noth­ing more reward­ing than see­ing your work dis­played on a large screen and watch­ing an audi­ence laugh and tear up along to one of your films and this was just the case at Allie and Cody’s. The entire room went qui­et as the cou­ple pulled away from their dock and blew up with laugh­ter when Cody may or may not have choked back some tears dur­ing the pro­pos­al.

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Every­thing about this film is so mag­i­cal. Enjoy ✨🌈