Betsy + Henry — 长命无绝衰.

We always push our­selves to look at things dif­fer­ent­ly, try new tech­niques, and approach every project we take on with a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive. It’s this phi­los­o­phy that allows each wed­ding film we cre­ate to have a dis­tinc­tive look and feel — a vibe and aes­thet­ic reflec­tive of the cou­ple and the voice they lend their film. And while it’s easy for wed­ding video­g­ra­phers to take on a style-over-content approach, we feel that our doc­trine push­es us to think of our sto­ries and char­ac­ters and how our style strength­ens these ele­ments.

Bet­sy and Henry’s film is the cul­mi­na­tion of this ide­ol­o­gy.

There were a few aspects of Bet­sy and Henry’s day that were fun­da­men­tal to their sto­ry: their very emo­tion­al vows, the tra­di­tion­al Chi­nese wed­ding rit­u­als, Man­darin cul­ture, the com­ing togeth­er of their fam­i­lies, and Toronto’s Queen St. West, the street where Hen­ry grew up, where the cou­ple now lives, and where their wed­ding took place.

Trump Hotel in Toronto Bride Prep Trump Hotel in Toronto Betsy Bridal Make-Up Betsy Bridal Make-Up Groom Bowtie

From before the wed­ding day, we knew their per­son­al vows would be inti­mate, emo­tion­al and the dri­ving force for the nar­ra­tive. We also knew that Hen­ry would be recit­ing “By Heav­en”, a Yue­fu poem, in Man­darin for Bet­sy. Now our tra­di­tion­al approach for vows is to shoot them with a Canon 135mm (a tele­pho­to lens), but when we test­ed the shot while set­ting up for their cer­e­mo­ny, it ren­dered the scene in an over­ly dra­mat­ic way — a com­plete dis­con­nect with what we had envi­sioned and how we had shot their day so far. So we took a risk and decid­ed to shoot their vows — the most inte­gral part of our sto­ry — on a cou­ple of 35mm lens­es (rel­a­tive­ly wide angle) and we couldn’t be hap­pi­er with that deci­sion.

The Burroughes Wedding Ceremony The Burroughes Wedding Ceremony, Queen St. West Toronto The Burroughes Wedding Ceremony, Queen St. West Toronto Henry's wedding gift Henry's wedding gift Henry's wedding gift Bride's Prep at Toronto's Trump Hotel Bride's Prep at Toronto's Trump Hotel Groomsmen Walking Traditional Chinese Door Crashing Games - Toronto Wedding Videographer Traditional Chinese Door Crashing Games Traditional Chinese Door Crashing Games - Toronto Wedding Videographer

The result might not be some­thing that the view­er visu­al­ly picks up on, but it’s def­i­nite­ly felt. A 35mm lens on a Canon C100 results in rough­ly 50mm, the focal length clos­est to how the human eye per­ceives the world. So as you watch their cer­e­mo­ny, you feel as if you’re in that scene stand­ing next to Bet­sy and Hen­ry, shar­ing in their inti­mate moment. A feel­ing we cap­ture again as Bet­sy walks down the aisle and we fol­low from the front of the space until that last pos­si­ble step, and again when we shot their speech on a 35mm lens, and once more as we sway with them in their first dance — in what seems like a pri­vate moment (which to the cou­ple, it total­ly was), but then reveal their guests watch­ing in the dis­tance.

It was a film of many firsts for us, but the reward is a com­plete­ly immer­sive wed­ding film with its own visu­al lan­guage.

Rustic wedding ceremony by Outside In Studio, Toronto Wedding Cinematographers Rustic Wedding Ceremony at The Burroughes in Toronto Rustic Wedding Ceremony at The Burroughes by Outside In Studio, Toronto Wedding Videographers

But tech­ni­cal approach aside, it was real­ly Bet­sy and Hen­ry who made it all pos­si­ble. Com­plete­ly at ease with­in their day and with each oth­er, their love and gen­uine excite­ment to be togeth­er emanates from every frame. It’s from this excite­ment that the title of their film orig­i­nates. We don’t speak Man­darin but Henry’s sur­prise poem res­onat­ed with us. The line “for­ev­er with­out end” cap­tured the ela­tion with which they greet their new lives and the cul­tur­al aspects of their day per­fect­ly.

Couple's First Dance Bride & Groom First Dance at the Burroughes

We’d be remiss if we didn’t men­tion Blush and Bowties and Corian­der Girl who trans­formed the rus­tic spaces of The Bur­rough­es into a beau­ti­ful­ly ethe­re­al cel­e­bra­tion. Every sec­ond of this film looks as beau­ti­ful as it does because of their hard work.

Betsy + Henry