Japan | Pt. 3 | Kyoto Days, Osaka Night, Fukuoka Stopover

Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto Japan

Over the past few months we have been detail­ing our trav­els across Japan that took place just over a year ago. In Part 1, we arrived in Tokyo, and in Part 2 we made our way to Fujisan and Yudanaka’s hot springs. This, is Part 3.

It had been six hours worth of train rides from Yudana­ka to Kyoto and we arrived just as the sun was start­ing to set. We hopped off of our train and walked under and through Kyoto Station’s mar­vel­lous archi­tec­ture, rush­ing over to the taxi stands so we could acquaint our­selves with the city in the lit­tle bit of day­light that was left.

In our time there, we came to real­ize that Kyoto is a city don­ning many dif­fer­ent hats, and at its core, is the melt­ing pot of Japan’s past and present.

Kyoto is prob­a­bly most famous for its over 1600 tem­ples — the very rea­son we found our­selves in Japan’s for­mer cap­i­tal. But in our time there, we came to real­ize that Kyoto is a city don­ning many dif­fer­ent hats, and at its core, is the melt­ing pot of Japan’s past and present. The result is his­tor­i­cal land­marks sur­round­ed by mod­ern archi­tec­ture and sophis­ti­cat­ed shop­ping dis­tricts, a dual­i­ty that makes for some always inter­est­ing, occa­sion­al­ly jaw-dropping walks. For us how­ev­er, it was the city’s intri­cate net­work of alley­ways that real­ly stuck out and where we spent most of our time explor­ing. The truth is, if you’re not on a main street in Kyoto, you’re prob­a­bly in an alley­way, lit­tered with hun­dred of bicy­cles, res­i­dents, shop-owners, and the occa­sion­al mini-truck try­ing to make its way through.

Kyoto alleyways Kyoto alleyways Kyoto alleyways

We checked into the Mit­sui Gar­den, a sleek lit­tle bou­tique hotel off of one of these very alley­ways. Like Kyoto, it blends mod­ern design with Japan­ese cul­tur­al ele­ments to cre­ate a real­ly unique aes­thet­ic. Small warn­ing: if you con­stant­ly flip your pil­low to the cool side through­out the night, you won’t be doing that here because they fill the under­side of their pil­lows with a thin lay­er of rocks. It’s an inter­est­ing con­cept. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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Into the Wild — The making of a WedLuxe editorial.

It was at the busiest point of our 2015 sea­son that we took a 7-hour road trip up to Tim­mins, Ontario to be a part of an edi­to­r­i­al shoot for Wed­Luxe Mag­a­zine. Lau­ra from Lau­ra & Co. had reached out to us and filled us in on the project — there was talk of fox­es, fal­cons, and the great north­ern wilder­ness.

We were con­vinced before we had even fin­ished read­ing the e-mail and were ready to move heav­en and earth to be a part of this project.

So hav­ing just shot Andrea and Jeff’s wed­ding on the Sat­ur­day, we charged our bat­ter­ies, backed up our cards, and packed to dri­ve up on Mon­day, shoot for the next two days, and come back for Thurs­day to get every­thing ready for Crys­tal and Jer’s on Fri­day and Rachael and Navid’s on Sun­day.

We left around noon on Mon­day, tak­ing a small detour to Neo Cof­fee Bar for some good cof­fee and snacks. We had heard a lot about this place but hon­est­ly, it was love at first sip and is now one of our favourite cof­fee spots in Toron­to.

Neo Coffee Bar Toronto Neo Coffee Bar Toronto

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Featured on WedLuxe’s Winter/Spring 2016 Issue.

WedLuxe Magazine Winter Spring Issue 2015

It’s been a big month for us here at Out­side In, hav­ing a hand­ful of our films fea­tured in some pret­ty awe­some blogs and pub­li­ca­tions. Blak­e­ny and Corey’s wed­ding film was just fea­tured on Style Me Pret­ty in Decem­ber and we’re so hap­py and incred­i­bly hum­bled to have two projects that we worked on last year fea­tured in WedLuxe’s Winter/Spring 2016 issue. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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Japan | Pt. 2 | Fuji to Yudanaka


We begin the next leg of our jour­ney imme­di­ate­ly from where we left off in Part 1, leav­ing the bright lights and bustling sounds of Tokyo for the qui­et beau­ty of the Japan­ese coun­try­side.

This is prob­a­bly our favourite part of our trav­els across Japan — it’s also the short­est, at two days with sev­en hours on the train between them.

Just over halfway to Mt. Fuji, our train from Tokyo came to a halt at Ōtsu­ki sta­tion, a quaint lit­tle ter­mi­nal with wood­en accents that gave it a lodge-y (if not toy-like) feel. Guides ush­ered guests to their next stop and, as we bought our tick­ets for the next train, one of them sug­gest­ed we take the Fujikyu Rail­way instead of any of the oth­er options. He hint­ed that we would enjoy it more, and that if it was our first time in the area, it was a must. He was right. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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Blakeny + Corey — We are all a little weird.

Blakeny & Corey Perry Cottage

If you fol­low hock­ey at all, you’ll prob­a­bly rec­og­nize the groom in this video as Corey Per­ry from the Ana­heim Ducks. You’d also prob­a­bly know about the incred­i­ble sea­son they just wrapped up and why we then only had a cou­ple of weeks between the time he and Blak­e­ny got back up to Cana­da and their wed­ding day to get to know them and put togeth­er this beau­ti­ful lit­tle same-day edit for them.

Corey Perry NHL Cottage Corey and Blake Stand Up Paddleboard Corey and Blake Paddleboard Corey Perry NHL Aneheim Ducks

Over the past year, we e-mailed back and forth with Blak­e­ny to get a sense of who the real Blake and Corey are; how they met, how the pro­pos­al came about, what they like to do togeth­er, etc. They final­ly found them­selves in Toron­to in Decem­ber when the Ducks were facing-off against the Leafs. We took the chance to meet Blak­e­ny over cof­fee and real­ly hit it off. She told us that Corey trav­els so much dur­ing the sea­son that when he’s final­ly off, they escape their Cal­i­for­nia home and make for their cot­tage in Peter­bor­ough, Ontario to wind down for a few weeks.

Bride's Prep Four Seasons Toronto Wedding Groom's Prep Four Seasons Toronto Wedding Blake Opens Her Gift Bride's Prep Four Seasons Toronto Wedding

We com­plete­ly loved this idea and pro­posed that we tag along on one of their lazy cot­tage days and cap­ture them get­ting a lit­tle R&R. Now the tim­ing would be the hard­est part of it all — the wed­ding sea­son being such a crazy busy time of year for us and the Ducks com­ing clos­er and clos­er to the Stan­ley cup as the sum­mer pro­gressed. Luck­i­ly, we were able to final­ly nail down a date the week before their wed­ding and we all met at their cot­tage. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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