Ellie & Dennis – You make it better


Just one week before the wedding day, Ellie told us something that completely changed the way we approached her and Dennis’ wedding film – she told us that the ceremony was actually the least important moment of their day. Her family resides in Korea and, because she doesn’t get to visit them that often, their wedding was a way for the couple to celebrate their union with their family and closest friends. Ellie told us that they get to see their friends almost every week, so we didn’t necessarily have to worry about capturing the guests, instead she asked us to focus on the people that were closest to them – for Ellie, that was her parents, for Dennis, it was his groomsmen – who we were told were like his family.

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A day where the ceremony actually played a very small role – it was different, and we were more than happy to oblige. We scrapped our original plans and looked for ways to bring the focus of the film onto the important relationships: Ellie and Dennis, Dennis and his groomsmen, and Ellie and her parents. Their day was easy and relaxed and gave us plenty of opportunities to capture these characters candidly. The magic happened when Dennis’ best man took to the podium to speak about the couple and the change he’s seen in his best friend since Ellie came into his life, and then again when Ellie’s dad delivered a very emotional speech to his daughter. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the room, and because it was in Korean, we knew we had to translate it for their highlight.

Korean Wedding Speech

Ellie and Dennis were pretty busy with their family the weeks after their wedding, so translating their Korean speeches meant that their film would take a little longer to finish, but it also meant that it would be complete and truly reflect the couple and their day. It’s a compromise we’d make over and over again. It’s funny because – in one of our meetings with Ellie and Dennis – when we asked them what word would describe their day best, Ellie jokingly said “Asian”. It was a funny moment that stuck with us, and when faced with speeches in a language we didn’t understand, we realized that – joking or not – this was an element of their wedding that played a very important role, especially in characterizing the relationship between Ellie and her family.


Lastly, we must mention the beautiful, intimate 60-person reception at the Royal Ontario Museum. It was definitely different working for a government-owned venue – the rules were strict, and there were plenty of regulations we had to familiarize ourselves with. Michael – our contact at the ROM – facilitated the process, and guided us through all the standards that had to be met. After a few contracts, we officially became temporary employees of the Royal Ontario Museum – it was a pretty sweet deal. We couldn’t describe what an amazing venue it was. Instead, we’ll let you experience it in our film.

As always, let us know what you think! We’re off to Port Dover – a small town renowned for its awe-inspiring sunsets – to film Scott and Kristen tying the knot!

Enjoy the long weekend, friends.


  • Linda

    What a wonderful video!!! So well put together! Happy for you Dennis and Ellie!