Janice & Peter – There’s something about these shoes.

Be forewarned: this is an emotional one.

Although we only had a little over a couple of months to get to know Janice and Peter, they are so easy-going and genuine that finding the different storylines for their day was a breeze. As we talked more and more throughout those weeks, we discovered that they had introduced each other to so many different things and they had both transformed in the course of their relationship. Their film was a celebration of this transformation.

Establishing Milton booniesEstablishing BurlingtonJanice Mother Speech - Wedding

Something as simple as Peter making his super-healthy-fruity-vegetable smoothie takes on a whole different meaning. Janice inspired a healthier lifestyle in Peter, and he mentioned that he exercised and ate a lot more vegetables since meeting her. And he walks the walk – he turned down Popeye’s that very morning. It was tempting, but I followed suit and stuck with my smoothie as well :)

Peter Health Smoothie Peter Wedding Gift - Burlington

For Janice, family became a much more important concept when she met Peter, and in the film, we see her preparing to take on a very important role within her new family. Mrs. Brejnik had passed away a couple of years ago and Janice would be taking on that very title on her wedding day. When she sent us a draft of her speech a few days before the wedding, we were so inspired by how emotional and powerful it was that we knew we had our core story. That very speech let us know that there would be some leopard shoes to look out for, and not just in stylistic terms (though they looked beautiful), but also because they represented something very important.

Janice Peter - First Look - Outside In Studio

Another element we knew we had to capture was Lucy. We had the pleasure of meeting her before the big day after grabbing brunch with PB & J. Seeing her excitement as she ran up to the pair, you would never know that, at one point, she was only Janice’s. And the funny thing is that she’s such a big part of their lives – another perfect example of their transformation. We didn’t even have to ask Janice and Peter to go out of their way, Lucy was already joining them in the afternoon before they went off to their reception. This resulted in a beautiful sequence in which Janice brings Lucy over to Peter for a little play time.

We simply love this film and hope you do as well!

Janice Peter - First Dance - Vancouver
  • Shayla

    I don’t even know you guys but that was beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!! :-)