Janice & Peter — There’s something about these shoes.

Be fore­warned: this is an emo­tion­al one.

Although we only had a lit­tle over a cou­ple of months to get to know Jan­ice and Peter, they are so easy-going and gen­uine that find­ing the dif­fer­ent sto­ry­lines for their day was a breeze. As we talked more and more through­out those weeks, we dis­cov­ered that they had intro­duced each oth­er to so many dif­fer­ent things and they had both trans­formed in the course of their rela­tion­ship. Their film was a cel­e­bra­tion of this trans­for­ma­tion.

Establishing Milton booniesEstablishing BurlingtonJanice Mother Speech - Wedding

Some­thing as sim­ple as Peter mak­ing his super-healthy-fruity-vegetable smooth­ie takes on a whole dif­fer­ent mean­ing. Jan­ice inspired a health­i­er lifestyle in Peter, and he men­tioned that he exer­cised and ate a lot more veg­eta­bles since meet­ing her. And he walks the walk — he turned down Popeye’s that very morn­ing. It was tempt­ing, but I fol­lowed suit and stuck with my smooth­ie as well :)

Peter Health Smoothie Peter Wedding Gift - Burlington

For Jan­ice, fam­i­ly became a much more impor­tant con­cept when she met Peter, and in the film, we see her prepar­ing to take on a very impor­tant role with­in her new fam­i­ly. Mrs. Bre­jnik had passed away a cou­ple of years ago and Jan­ice would be tak­ing on that very title on her wed­ding day. When she sent us a draft of her speech a few days before the wed­ding, we were so inspired by how emo­tion­al and pow­er­ful it was that we knew we had our core sto­ry. That very speech let us know that there would be some leop­ard shoes to look out for, and not just in styl­is­tic terms (though they looked beau­ti­ful), but also because they rep­re­sent­ed some­thing very impor­tant.

Janice Peter - First Look - Outside In Studio

Anoth­er ele­ment we knew we had to cap­ture was Lucy. We had the plea­sure of meet­ing her before the big day after grab­bing brunch with PB & J. See­ing her excite­ment as she ran up to the pair, you would nev­er know that, at one point, she was only Janice’s. And the fun­ny thing is that she’s such a big part of their lives — anoth­er per­fect exam­ple of their trans­for­ma­tion. We didn’t even have to ask Jan­ice and Peter to go out of their way, Lucy was already join­ing them in the after­noon before they went off to their recep­tion. This result­ed in a beau­ti­ful sequence in which Jan­ice brings Lucy over to Peter for a lit­tle play time.

We sim­ply love this film and hope you do as well!

Janice Peter - First Dance - Vancouver
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    I don’t even know you guys but that was beau­ti­ful!!!! Con­grat­u­la­tions!!! :-)