Jennifer & Andrew — We say I love you just about everyday

Jen­nifer and Andrew want­ed their wed­ding day to be per­son­al, inti­mate, and emo­tion­al.  It is with­out a doubt that they achieved all three.  The cou­ple hand-crafted each piece of their day to make sure it was suit­ed to them and their unique style.  The cer­e­mo­ny was held in a birch tree for­est in the heart of Nia­gara Falls with just thir­ty close fam­i­ly mem­bers and friends.  Under these beau­ti­ful trees, Jen­nifer and Andrew exchanged equal­ly beau­ti­ful vows promis­ing love, sup­port, and an extra five min­utes sleep in the morn­ings.  Need­less to say, there wasn’t a dry eye by the time Andrew kissed his bride.

It was impor­tant for Jen­nifer and Andrew to have a same-day edit in order to share their inti­mate cer­e­mo­ny with the 150 guests at their barn recep­tion.  It was then our goal to trans­late the heart warm­ing love of our cou­ple and the ten­der­ness of their day onto screen, mak­ing this larg­er set­ting and the peo­ple with­in it feel just as inti­mate as it did with­in the for­est.

Eas­i­er said then done. This was the least amount of time we have ever had to com­plete an sde, with just under four hours for deliv­ery.  It was a push, but we made it through, Ricar­do may have lost 2 years off his life, but the result is always worth it.  We were deeply hon­ored to be a part of this day and wit­ness­es to this kind of love.  We had a blast and rocked the the night away to the tunes of Arcade Fire and the like.

  • KJ & Co.

    Awww, very sweet. Good job Ric & Vic.

    Con­grats to the hap­py cou­ple.

  • Shirley Kennedy

    You did a beau­ti­ful job. We had such great feed­back from the guests at the wed­ding and it con­tin­ues still. Excel­lent work! So glad Jen­nifer and Andrew found you!

    • Thanks, Shirley! We are so hap­py to have been a part of it all. Thrilled to hear peo­ple are lik­ing the film :D