Victoria + Ray — Our smiles tell our story.

Vic­to­ria and Ray share an incred­i­ble sto­ry. They met online, and after a few years, Vic­to­ria decid­ed to fol­low her heart, drop every­thing and head to New York to be with Ray.

There’s one thing about Vic­to­ria and Ray that real­ly makes them stand out from all of our oth­er cou­ples — the fact that they were already mar­ried by the time they reached out to us. So their day, was real­ly a way for them to cel­e­brate their love and to for­mal­ly pro­fess said love for each oth­er in front of all their spe­cial guests. So in a beau­ti­ful tent amongst the per­fect­ly man­i­cured vine­yards at the Chateau des Charmes and their clos­est friends and rel­a­tives, they did just that.

Most cou­ples face their fair share of hard­ships, but Vic­to­ria, being from Cana­da, bat­tled US immi­gra­tions over and over again for the bet­ter part of a year in order to stay in the US with Ray. This set of tri­als to be togeth­er shapes and defines a huge part of their rela­tion­ship, but more than that, it accents the larg­er sto­ry at hand — that of a Cana­di­an girl who met an Amer­i­can boy, fell in love, and togeth­er, they over­came every obsta­cle that came their way. When Vic­to­ria and Ray aren’t pok­ing fun at each other’s respec­tive Canadian-ness and American-ness, they stroll around New York, but one con­stant is their love for ice cream. We have a lot of cou­ples who love ice cream, and we’re right there with you, but none of us have any­thing on Vic­to­ria and Ray’s ice cream game. Seri­ous­ly. So with that in mind, we asked them whether they want­ed to go for ice cream with us in the heart of Nia­gara on the Lake after their cer­e­mo­ny and they were elat­ed at the idea of enjoy­ing some ice cream on their wed­ding day.

These are two incred­i­ble peo­ple who share so much love for each oth­er and we had such an amaz­ing time get­ting to know them. Despite of them liv­ing in New york, they shared so much with us that by the time we final­ly met them for cof­fee (just the day before they tied the knot), it felt like we had been doing this togeth­er for years.

As always, enjoy!

  • Aman­da

    This was the best thing I have ever watched .…I can­not stop watch­ing it …vic and ray …I love you both to pieces your love is amaz­ing cher­ish what you both have always ..Thank you for let­ting me apart of this day ..

    all my love : Aman­da and Lily xox­ox­ox