Victoria & Ray – Our smiles tell our story.

Victoria and Ray share an incredible story. They met online, and after a few years, Victoria decided to follow her heart, drop everything and head to New York to be with Ray.

There’s one thing about Victoria and Ray that really makes them stand out from all of our other couples – the fact that they were already married by the time they reached out to us. So their day, was really a way for them to celebrate their love and to formally profess said love for each other in front of all their special guests. So in a beautiful tent amongst the perfectly manicured vineyards at the Chateau des Charmes and their closest friends and relatives, they did just that.

Most couples face their fair share of hardships, but Victoria, being from Canada, battled US immigrations over and over again for the better part of a year in order to stay in the US with Ray. This set of trials to be together shapes and defines a huge part of their relationship, but more than that, it accents the larger story at hand – that of a Canadian girl who met an American boy, fell in love, and together, they overcame every obstacle that came their way. When Victoria and Ray aren’t poking fun at each other’s respective Canadian-ness and American-ness, they stroll around New York, but one constant is their love for ice cream. We have a lot of couples who love ice cream, and we’re right there with you, but none of us have anything on Victoria and Ray’s ice cream game. Seriously. So with that in mind, we asked them whether they wanted to go for ice cream with us in the heart of Niagara on the Lake after their ceremony and they were elated at the idea of enjoying some ice cream on their wedding day.

These are two incredible people who share so much love for each other and we had such an amazing time getting to know them. Despite of them living in New york, they shared so much with us that by the time we finally met them for coffee (just the day before they tied the knot), it felt like we had been doing this together for years.

As always, enjoy!

  • Amanda

    This was the best thing I have ever watched ….I cannot stop watching it …vic and ray …I love you both to pieces your love is amazing cherish what you both have always ..Thank you for letting me apart of this day ..

    all my love : Amanda and Lily xoxoxox