Sisi + William — Wǒ ài nǐ.

One ques­tion we get asked by a lot of cou­ples, plan­ners, and oth­er wed­ding video­g­ra­phers is how we adapt our style to non-English-speaking wed­dings where the lan­guage bar­ri­ers could affect what we shoot and, ulti­mate­ly, the sto­ry being told. This prob­a­bly comes from the fact that, in 6 years, we’ve been hap­py to be the wed­ding cin­e­matog­ra­phers for many dif­fer­ent cul­tur­al cel­e­bra­tions across Toron­to; from Chi­nese to Indi­an, Sri Lankan, Per­sian, Kore­an, Jew­ish, Greek, Ital­ian, etc.

So how do we know what to focus on when a speech or moment is unfold­ing in front of us in a lan­guage we don’t under­stand? It’s actu­al­ly very easy. Emo­tions, tone and body lan­guage are all uni­ver­sal. You can eas­i­ly tell what parts of a speech are impor­tant just by the way the words are spo­ken, by the facial expres­sions of those who are being addressed, by the way the mood in a room changes from qui­et to vibrant or vice ver­sa. By pick­ing up on these sub­tle cues, we can quick­ly iden­ti­fy what to focus on and shoot all the ele­ments we need to put togeth­er a couple’s sto­ry. This was the case for Sisi and William’s wed­ding day, where almost every­thing but the cer­e­mo­ny was in Chi­nese, and whose sto­ry and tra­di­tions were large­ly influ­enced by Chi­nese cul­ture. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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Our Favourite Lenses for Wedding Filmmaking

Today on the Youtube edu­ca­tion chan­nel, we talk about our favourite lens­es and how we use them. Lens­es are prob­a­bly the best and most impor­tant invest­ment any cin­e­matog­ra­ph­er can make. While its sim­plest role is to focus the light from a scene onto the cam­era sen­sor, a good lens will sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduce flare and inter­nal reflec­tions, min­i­mize dis­tor­tion and chro­mat­ic aber­ra­tion, all while boost­ing colour and con­trast. Best of all? While your cam­era body may only last 2–3 years, good glass bare­ly depre­ci­ates and, if cared for prop­er­ly, there’s no rea­son why a lens shouldn’t last for 20 years or more. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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Veronica + Derek — What a grand thing it is to love.

Veron­i­ca and Derek’s barn wed­ding was a beau­ti­ful­ly rus­tic cel­e­bra­tion that ful­ly took advan­tage of the Cam­bi­um Farms’ pic­turesque grounds. Veron­i­ca and the girls spent the morn­ing dec­o­rat­ing the car­riage house and get­ting ready in the farm­house before meet­ing Derek in the after­noon for their peace­ful cer­e­mo­ny along the trees that line Cambium’s back field. Togeth­er as hus­band and wife, Veron­i­ca and Derek par­tied the night away with their friends and fam­i­ly under the unex­posed beams and dan­gling lights of the centuries-old barn. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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The Best Filmmaking Tool for Wedding Cinematographers

In our lat­est video on our Youtube edu­ca­tion chan­nel, we take a look at the Man­frot­to MVMXPRO500US Video Mono­pod — the Swiss Army knife of wed­ding videog­ra­phy. As doc­u­men­tary cin­e­matog­ra­phers, we shoot in dras­ti­cal­ly chang­ing envi­ron­ments and con­stant­ly need to change our angles and shoot­ing height. The Man­frot­to PRO500 lets us do just that, quick­ly and eas­i­ly — giv­ing us a tool capa­ble of achiev­ing beau­ti­ful move­ment and a small footprint.
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The Ultimate Guide to Flying a Canon C100 on a Mōvi M5

The Mōvi M5 from Freefly Sys­tems might very well be the best film­mak­ing tool in our entire arse­nal. Used prop­er­ly, it func­tions as a steady­cam, a dol­ly, a shoulder-mounted rig, and/or crane in one portable, motor-driven pack­age. Pair that with a Canon EOS C100 with Dual Pix­el Auto-Focus and your cre­ative pos­si­bil­i­ties are lim­it­ed only by your imagination.

Time and time again, we have come to the con­clu­sion that there is no bet­ter gear com­bi­na­tion for wed­ding, doc­u­men­tary, or com­mer­cial projects.

3 years ago, we made a tuto­r­i­al as soon as the Mōvi M5 had dropped. Back then, gym­bals were a fair­ly new con­cept and, in that video, we talked about mount­ing a C100 on an M5. Fast-forward to today, this is still our go-to rig and we’ve learned a lot of dif­fer­ent ways to use it, putting togeth­er a rig con­fig­u­ra­tion that allows us to shoot quick­ly and effi­cient­ly. Our inbox­es are con­stant­ly flood­ed with ques­tions about our set­up, process­es, thoughts, and how our sto­ry­telling has evolved with this tool. So today, we’re hap­py to share: The Ulti­mate guide to Fly­ing a C100 on a Mōvi M5. con­tin­ue read­ing »

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